The staff of Femspec Books and Productions includes editors and published writers. We offer editing services to authors.

We provide initial editorial consultations for $65. After an initial consultation, the editorial rates are $50 an hour or $10 a page, whichever you find more workable to get your manuscript into publishable shape.

These services are available whether you select to submit to Femspec Books and Productions or elsewhere.

Our editors have years of experience in both critical and creative publication to put at your service.

Our interest is in serving you to the best of our capacity. We are not attached to your publishing in Femspec, although of course developing our own mission is our primary motivating goal.


Femspec authors and editors offer classes (online chat, Skype, and conference call) for $50 a session, by genre or mixed, according to enrollment.

Please send an attachment with your best sample of writing, with CLASSES (genre) in the subject line, to Batya Weinbaum and make a donation of $50 to get started. You will be notified of the next opening.