Table of contents — Femspec 5.1, Vol 5, Issue 1, 2004

The Abstracts 5.1


BATYA WEINBAUM, Announcing a Few Changes xi

PATRICIA MELZER AND SHELLEY PRICE, Editorial Introduction to Gender and Technology in Science Fiction Film xv


ALBERT ANTHONY, Menacing Technologies: Counterfeit Women and the Mutability of Nature in Science Fiction Cinema 1

MARK BOULD, Taking the Dream Girls Apart: Molly, Eve VIII, Barb Wire 18

CATHY HAWKINS, I Married a Misogynist from Outer Space: The Challenge of Being a Bride in 1950s Science Fiction Film 37

PATRICIA MELZER, There Is No Spoon: Concepts of Subjectivity in The Matrix 67

JEFFREY MIDDENTS, This Is Not Film: Ef/facing the Screen in Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days 95

K. SURKAN, I Want To Be a Real Boy: A.I. Robots, Cyborgs, and Mutants as Passing Figures in Science Fiction Film 114


BETH BLINEBURY, Cyborg Bodies: How to Read the Body 137


SHELLEY PRICE, Animus Mundi, Alien, Wormhole, Golem 144


MICHELLE RENEE MATISONS, The Cyber-Genius Hysterical Mother and the Techno-Virgin/Man's Man: Thoughts on Cronenberg's eXistnZ 151


PATRICIA MELZER AND SHELLEY PRICE, Gender and Technology in Science Fiction Film 157


GERALDINE WOJNO KIEFER, Celebrations, Overlays, Matrices: Making Art in the Textures of Collage 160

MARK BOULD, Gwyneth Jones: An Introduction 190

MARK BOULD, Incredible Stories about Ordinary People: the Teenage Fiction of Gwyneth Jones/Ann Halam 197

ANDREW BUTLER, Going Up Hill: An Interview with Gwyneth Jones 216

ISTAN CSICSERY-RONAY JR., The Lost Child: Notes on White Queen 234


TARA BETTS, Brown Girl in the Ring 254

BARBARA J. COOK, Myth and Ritual in Women's Detective Fiction 257

JANICE C. CROSBY, Feminist Cabalism 101 260

GERARDO T. CUMMINGS, Biotechnological and Medical Themes in Science Fiction 263

ELIZABETH L. P. BRIGGS, Scheherazade's Sisters: Trickster Heroines and Their Stories in World Literature 267

G.WARLOCK VANCE, Images of Fear: How Horror Stories Helped Shape Culture (1818-1918) 271

JANICE M. BOGSTAD, Critical Theory and Science Fiction 274

THERESA A.L. CRATER, Cauldron of Changes: Feminist Spirituality in Fantastic Fiction 279

PAUL EROS, A Different Lens: Gender Studies and the Inklings 283

DIONA SHAW, Communities of the Heart 287

DIONA SHAW, Chicana Ways 290

BRUCE GEHIERE, Spiritual Syncretism, Innovation in the Speculative Realm and Radio Theater 293

The Abstracts 5.1