Table of contents — Femspec 4.1, Vol 4, Issue 1, 2002

The Abstracts 4.1


GINA WISKER, “Editor's Remarks” 1


SUZY MCKEE CHARNAS, “Evil Thoughts” 7

LOUISE SHAW, “The Which Bitch? Project” 19



SABINE MEYER, “Passing Perverts, After All: Vampirism, (In)Visibility, and the Horrors of the Normative in Jewelle Gomez’s The Gilda Stories25

FRANCES TOMASZYK, “Lunatics with Lethal Combat Skills: Dark Doubles, Bacchae, and Soulless Women in Xena:Warrior Princess38

SARA MARTIN ALEGRE, “The Other in Me: Nancy Collins's Vampire Heroine, Sonja Blue” 47

LORNA JOWETT, “Mute and Beautiful: The Representation of the Female in Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire59

ANITA BIRESSI, “True Crime, Medicine, and Corporeal Horror” 68

KATHLEEN KENDALL, “Who Are You Afraid Of?: Young Women as Consumers and Producers of Horror Films” 82

ALINE FERREIRA, “Artificial Wombs and Archaic Tombs: Angela Carter's The Passion of Eve and the Alien Tetralogy” 90

GINA WISKER, “‘Honey, I'm Home!’: Splintering the Fabrication in Domestic Horror” 108

ANDREA GREENBAUM, “Bio-Technology as Kabbalah: Reconfiguring the Golem Myth in Alien: Resurrection and Species121

The Abstracts 4.1