Table of contents — Femspec 3.2, Vol 3, Issue 2, 2002

The Abstracts 3.2


BATYA WEINBAUM, “Editor's Remarks” 1


LOUISE ALLEN, “Monkey Business: Planet of the Apes and Romantic Excess” 3

CHRISTINE DORAN, “Fantasy as History: The Invention of Cixi, Empress of China” 16

PATRICIA MELZER, “‘All that you touch you change’: Utopian Desire and the Concept of Change in Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents (full text)” 31

GLORIA FEMAN ORENSTEIN, “Journey through Mlle de Scudery’s Carte de Tendre: A 17th-Century Salon Woman's Dream/Country of Tenderness (full text)53

DARKO SUVIN, “Cloning: On Cognition in the Discourses of SF and Technoscience” 67


TANANARIVE DUE, “Protection” 75

CAROL GUESS, “Love Story with Living Ghost” 79

REBECCA LESSES, “A Dream Question for the Angels” 82


CATHY SADLER, “The Lost Tribe” 90


NANCY KUHL, “If Kay Sage Painted Self-Portrait as a Boy” 92

“The Hundred-Headless Woman Opens Her August Sleeve: Part 2” 94

TARA LEONARD, “Sanitary/Sanity” 95

JANE LIDDELL-KING, “Cornflakes” 96

LORRAINE SCHEIN, “Remedios Varo” 99


BATYA WEINBAUM, “Interview with Marge Piercy” 101


PHILLIPA KAFKA, “Review of The Road to Fez104

ANNIS VILAS PRATT, “Review of The Golden Notebook of Springfield 108

ERIN A. SMITH, “Review of The Politics of Women's Studies110

GINA WISKER, “Review of Saddling la Gringa113

“Review of (Out) Classed Women115

The Abstracts 3.2