Table of contents — Femspec 16.2 Vol 16.2, 2016

Introduction 10
Critical Article
Batya Weinbaum Teaching Feminism Online 12
Historical Documents
BATYA WEINBAUMIntersection of Gender and Age in the Early Pulp Years of SF: Analysis and Story Abstracts 54
LESLIE F. STONE. The Fall of Mercury (excerpt) 91
Creative Work: Poems
CONSTANCE BRERETON River v. the Reavers 119
Book Reviews
MAIJA HATTON Ruth B. Bottigheimer. Fairy Tales Framed. SUNY Press 120
ALCENA ROGAN Marleen S. Barr. Oy Feminist Planets: A Fake Memoir. NeoPoiesis Press 122
Books and Media Received 128
Contributors 130