Table of contents — Femspec 15: The Great Age Issue
Part 2
Vol 15, 2015

Introductions to Great Age Two
ROBERT VON DER OSTEN. A Note to the Special Issue: Kick-off 11
JANINE HATTER and BATYA S. WEINBAUM. Where We Are Now, and Where We 16
Critical Articles
NAOMI MERCER. Malkah, [Old] Age, and Jewish Identity in Marge Piercy’s He, She and It 34
DEREK THEISS. Care Work, Age, and Culture in Butler’s Parable Series 63
CHRISTY TIDWELL. Why is the Future So Young? Gender and Age in Elizabeth Moon’s Remnant Population 63
STEPHANIE ROGERS. An Interview with Ursula K. Le Guin 112
STEPHANIE ROGERS. An Interview with Marge Piercy 123
Creative Work: Poems
ANTIGA. I am the Old Hag 132
SUSA SILVERMARIE. An Intimate Conversation 134
BATYA WEINBAUM. Epitaph for my Tombstone 138
GINA WISKER. Fairytale Mother 141
Creative Work: Fiction
SAVANNAH MILLER. Omens, Chapter 1 143
R. ELENA TABACHNICK. Phoenix End 145
Creative Work: Art
JENNY WRENN. Furies 1 149
JENNY WRENN. Furies 2 149
JENNY WRENN. The Pheonix 150
MARGARET CRUIKSHANK. Paper from a NWSA Panel on Science Fiction and Ageing: Oakland, 2012 151
JENNIFER JODELL. Report on Agents of Change: Feminist SF Critics Meet Feminist SF Authors at University of Oregon 158
BATYA WEINBAUM. Femspec Salons at OLOC and NWSA, 2014 162
Notes from the Inside
Book Reviews
MARIA ALBERTO. Desert Years: Undreaming the American Dream, by Cynthia Rich and Look Me in the Eye: Old Women Ageing and Ageism, by Cynthia Rich and Barbara McDonald 170
MAIJA HATTON. A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tices, by C. A. Conrad 176
MAIJA HATTON. Ardor: Poems of Life, by Janine Canan 178
MAIJA HATTON. The Goddess Festival: Restoring the Balance, Fayetteville, Arkansas CD 180
PAULA RESSLER. Paper Bride, by Nava Semel 182
STEPHANIE ROGERS. Conversations with Octavia Butler, ed. By Consuela Francis 187
JENNY WRENN. Sisterwitch Conspiracy, by Sonia Johnson 191
Books and Media Received 193
Annual Report 196
Contributors 204