Table of contents — Femspec 10.2 Vol 10, Issue 2, 2010

Abstract 10.2


Summary: We dedicate the issue to Mary Daly, Ray Browne, and survival. Mary Daly will always be remembered for her pioneering efforts in the feminist community. Ray Browne will also be remembered for his contributions to the academe movement. This 10.2 issue contains a full range of topics, including book reviews on the Tarot, SF and lit, the Divine (transcendence, immanence, the Goddess, feminine spirituality) and gender. There are also critical articles, such as an essay about themed space in Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, an essay about Joanna Russ’s The Female Man, in which Douglas Barbour (reviewer of the Toronto Star) praised Russ’s work as incredibly sensitive to the variables of speech, and thus gives even the shallowest character a true voice, and an essay about female masculinities in children’s fantasy. Even love shared between beings from two different worlds is presented in the fiction section. The cover art by Kartika Affandi Koberl, which is a colorful sculpture of five unusual-looking penises (with the main one being large, blue and with the shape of a fist for a head), should be an indication that challenging gender through speculative means continues to be the focus of the journal. However, survival may be the central theme, and as the Femspec journal continues to survive, so too will the triumphant spirits here who raise our fists against gender discrimination, stereotyping, oppression and gender inequities, as well as injustices of any type... all of which unfortunately still manage to survive in society and the world at large. Our fists will always remain raised in this fight for peace and equality for all.





ANNE BALAY, They're Closin' Up Girl Land: Female Masculinities in Children's Fantasy 5

RITCH CALVIN, This shapeless book: Reception in Joanna Russ's The Female Man 24

SHARI EVANS, Not unmarked: From Themed Space to a Feminist Ethics of Engagement in Atwood's Oryx and Crake 35


BATYA WEINBAUM, LI WEINBAUM, and DANIEL HILL, Interview with Kartika Affandi Koberl: A Contemporary Indonesian Woman Challenging Gender through Speculative Imagery (See our special feature) 59




EMILY AUGER, Review of Crafting the Witch 76

Review of Fairy Tale’s Reimagined 79

Review of Fortunes Lover 82

Review of Red Planets 84

Review of An Introduction to Western Esotericism 87

ARDYS DELU, Review of The Circling Song 91

PHILLIPA KAFKA, Review of Frankenstein 93

Review of Women Writers of the Provincetown Players 96

K. A. LAITY, Review of King Kong Theory 98

Review of Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy 100

Review of Women and the Divine 103

GILLIAN I. LEITCH, Review of Daughters of Empire 106

LANI RAVIN, Review of Priestess of Avalon 108

MARIA SHINE STEWART, Review of Failing the Future113

BATYA WEINBAUM, Review of Tarot and Other Meditation Decks 117