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Announcement: Feminina Sube Workshops on Isla Mujeres, Mexico: 2018

A Three Day Workshop on Her History and Image-making. Text by Star Goode. Both on-island and virtual participation is possible for this offering too.
Mar. 12-15. The Age of Kali. We Are Rising?
How, Why and Where is Female Energy Emerging? Nation by Nation? Globally? How do we feel this in our love, lives? Communities, neighborhoods? Politics? The Media? Predictions for the future? What do we see in the social landscape? Talk about this tremendous phenomenon astrologically. Work on the mosaic wrapping around three walks inside Feminina Sube, Kali Emerging. Create your own work musically in dance, art, writing in any genre, theater in the streets, music.
Cost: $300.
Please register at least seven days in advance, fifty percent through http://femspec.org/donations.html or https://www.gofundme.com/femininasube-islam.
And please contact us for work exchange arrangements or sliding scale rates.
Send application two weeks in advance to our facebook page, feminina sube/isla mujeres/community art project, as a private message. Indicate name, which workshop(s) you are applying for, on island or virtual, why you want to come, what media you want to work in and why, what experience you can bring, and how you feel that what you will be doing with us will be helping to make the world a better place. Thanks!
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From the beginning, myths have told of women  who have lived apart from men?the Sirens who sang on the Aegean rocks, the Amazons of the Brazilian jungle, the self-reproducing women on islands in Polynesia, to name only a few. What we are doing is creating a Red Tent community on Isla Mujeres, an island off the coast of Cancun, named so because four statues of women were found on the South Point when Spanish explorers first came here.
Fmi: email femspec@aol.com

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