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Table of Contents
Editor’s Corner

BATYA WEINBAUM. Introduction to Issue 19.1

Featured Artist


Critical Articles

ELISABETTA CARRARO. Not Only a Mother: Primary Communication and Collective Symbolism in Judith Merril’s “That Only a Mother”

JENNIFER COLBY. Transforming Tonantzin/Guadalupe: Women’s Art and Dialogue in Central California

BATYA WEINBAUM. Contemporary Myth Making on Isla Mujeres: The Goddess Gets a Megaphone and Shouts Back, Assuring Us of Her Return


ALICIA COLE. The Will and Skill of Woman, The Lioness Within and Without: An Interview with Genevieve Vaughan

ALICIA COLE. Repairing the Shatter: Margaret Atwood on The Handmaid’s Tale and More


MARLEEN S. BARR. My Unfair Trumpie Closely Encounters ‘Julie Andrews’


REBECCA VINCENT. Remembering Mary Oliver

Conference and Event Coverage: The Women’s Spirituality Graduate Studies Program at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

KRIS MALONE GROSSMAN and MARA LYNN KELLER. Women Rising! New Visions for a Post-Patriarchal World

BATYA WEINBAUM. CIIS-Women’s Spirituality Department’s First Biannual Conference

GENEVIEVE VAUGHAN. Visions of Post-Patriarchy

Notes from the Inside

BATYA WEINBAUM. Behind the Scenes


ALESSANDRA ALBANO. Freshwater: The Destabilizing Voice of Mental Illness

LAURA BIRKIN. Life Without Roe v. Wade: A Review of Red Clocks

KELSEY PAIGE BUSBY. Review of Naomi Mercer’s Toward Utopia

MERRY LYNN BYRD. Women Killin’ It in Killing Times: A Review of Remnant, The Wolves of Winter, and Drop by Drop

WINTER ELLIOTT. The “Heart and Stomach of a Woman”?: Gendering War in R. F. Kuang’s The Poppy War

CHRISTOPHER LESLIE. Hidden or Hindered? Recasting Women in Technology

SONIA MICHAELS. Post-apocalypse Meets Millennial Malaise in Ling Ma’sDebut Novel, Severance

LANI RAVIN. Genius Locii

Books and Media Received

Call for Papers

For the next three issues, we would like to have a series of entries discussing gender essentialism in sf…do you see any? Where and where not? Why? In what era? By what authors?

What fiction has been produced in our community that transcends gender binaries?

Why is this an important topic to discuss currently?

Are the many contributions to sf by feminist authors in which women take over and run societies, inner worlds and planets now outdated, archaic, essentialist and reactionary? Or is it important for us to continue to read, write and teach these works, in order to combat female erasure? What is their relationship to female empowerment and lesbian separatism?

What is Female Man about? Gender fluidity, or essentialism?

Substitute any classic title from our genre into that question and write …

Deadlines: August 1, 2019 for 19.2, November 1, 2019 for 20.1, and Feb. 1, 2020 for 20.2.

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